Frequently Asked Questions

Here we provide answers to your frequently asked questions.

What Is Yoga?

Yoga is a way to release tension in your body and calm your mind. Not only can it improve your flexibility and strength, it can boost your health and general wellbeing. It focuses on your breath and stretching of your muscles. It is a gentle form of exercise. Start with Yoga Beginner classes and try Flow Yoga classes which are more fast paced.

How Long Are Yoga Classes?

Yoga classes typically run for 1 hour.

What Is Reformer Pilates?

Pilates works on conditioning from the inside out e.g. pelvic floor, thighs, abdominals, and buttocks. You will gain muscle control with breath, flexibility, and body awareness.

How Long Are Pilates Classes?

Barre classes typically run for 55 minutes.

What Is Barre?

Barre is a wonderful combination of Yoga, Pilates and Ballet. Barre classes focus on cardio, strength training and stretching.

How Long Are Barre Classes?

Barre classes typically run for 50 minutes.

What should I eat before a class?

It’s best to avoid eating 2-3 hours before your class as we twist from side to side, turn upside down and bend in different directions. If you have not fully digested a meal, you will more than likely become uncomfortable.

If this doesn’t suit you and you know you are someone who becomes faint or needs to eat regularly, you can experiment with having a light snack before class. It is highly recommended that you hydrate yourself by drinking water daily before and after a class.

Can I participate if I am pregnant?

Absolutely! As long as your doctor has given you the ok to do so. Yoga and Pilates Beginners can be of great benefit pre and post natal, however we do not recommend too much core work, Pilates or Flow Yoga.

We ask that you please inform your teacher before class so they are aware of your pregnancy and what trimester you are in.

Are children allowed?

We love children participating with their parents but please note it is a quiet, calming space. We may not have the space for them if class is booked out, so please contact the teacher before hand. We cannot have children running around or making noise in our quiet space. 

What should I wear?

  • Wear clothing you feel comfortable in, keeping in mind practicality
  • Leggings or shorts and a shirt are suitable
  • Do not wear shoes in the class as all classes require barefeet

I am not flexible. Can I still do Yoga?

Yes of course you can! This is one of the greatest benefits. In a regular practice, we develop flexibility. You will notice this with consistency.

Do you offer online classes?

Yes, we do! We have over 100 video classes for you to do through our Essence of Demand online classes program. View the details.

What are the rules around Student Passes?

  • All passes are for Pilates, Yoga and Barre classes and must be used before the expiry date.

  • The pass is for one person.

  • There are no shared passes allowed and no rain checks!

  • Always ensure that you will use your class passes before purchasing.

What should I bring to a class?

  • To your first class bring an open mind, curiosity and a smile 
  • A grippy mat – Purchase your own quality mat from our studio
  • Blanket / beach towel
  • Water

What do I need to do before a class?

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of class. If you are late, you will not be able to attend as it is not polite to interrupt others students in a class that has already started
  • When you’re waiting outside, please be quiet, particularly when a class is in progress
  • See the teacher before class to sign in
  • Remove shoes before entering the space. Our face and hair do touch the floor, so we like it kept as clean as possible.
  • Turn off phones (or leave them at home, unless you do a special type of work, then you are totally excused!)
  • Please move your mat to make space in big classes
  • Collect props and blankets required for your class

Where do I put my belongings?

  • Place your belongings out the back, out of the way
  • Please do not bring clothing, bags or shoes into the studio space

Is there anything else to be mindful of?

  • Wear a shirt to reduce skin-to-skin contact with our props. This also makes it easier for teachers to make adjustments.
  • If you sweat, please bring a towel to class
  • Please do not use our blankets to wipe sweat from the floor or your body.

What do I need to do at the end of a class?

  • Spray and wipe everything after you use it
  • Stack props neatly
  • Return and fold folded blankets

What happens when my class pass expires?

In an ideal world, there would be karma, love and a never expiring pass. Before purchasing a class pass, please consult us regarding what plan would suit you and your commitment.

If you can’t commit to attend classes regularly, then a casual pay-as-you go pass may be best. However, class passes give you the best deal.

What are your bookings and cancellations policy?

For all classes, you can book or cancel your booking up to 2 hours prior to your class; it is your responsibility to do so. If you cancel less than 2 hours prior to the scheduled start time for the class, you will be charged for the class at full rate.

What are the conditions for pre-paid classes and gift vouchers?

Pre-paid classes and gift vouchers are non-refundable and will expire after 5 months.

Do you offer credits and refunds?

We do not give credits or refunds. It is up to you to cancel up to 2 hours prior to a class beginning.

What are the Benefits of Yoga, Pilates and Barre?

Yoga, Pilates and Barre are completely different styles of exercise but the styles complement each other tremendously. Practicing regularly e.g. 3-6 times/week, is recommended to get the best results. However, even if you are only able to attend once a week you will certainly experience the benefits. 

Benefits can include:

  • enhanced mobility, agility and coordination
  • improved balance, strength and flexibility
  • increased core strength, stability and peripheral mobility
  • easy on joints as it is a no-impact type of exercise
  • reduction of stress, increased mind and body awareness
  • relief from muscle tension and increased range of motion
  • boost in energy through deep stretching
  • a stronger, more flexible spine
  • improved recovery from strain or injury
  • improvement in postural problems
  • complements other methods of exercise
  • improved performance in sports (e.g. golf, skiing, skating, dance)
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