I have been attending regular weekly yoga and Pilates classes with Jes for 6 years now! I love attending her classes because I find her teaching and instructional style very easy to follow… and Jes provides lots of variety so you don’t get bored! A great workout in a truly relaxing and caring environment.

– Pauline W

Had my first yoga class and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you very much for being patient and such a wonderful loving soul.

– Lois

I just want to share how much I love the beginner yoga class. I feel like I am starting to get the breathing and can really see the benefits of yoga breathing. I have time to focus on breathing cause I’m comfortable with the poses at this level.  I will never get bored with the beautiful slow flow and simple moves. You inspired me this morning to get to general yoga. I can do it…. Thank You for your inspiration and beautiful soul at every single class. I am grateful to you every day for bringing yoga into my life. 

– Kim

Jes,  just a short note to thank you for the beautiful yoga class I did with you. Your very professional manner and clear instructions were very helpful. 

– Pauline

I have attended classes for a couple of years with Jes, then last year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. For many months I was unable to attend any classes, but Jes sent lovely messages of support and provided encouragement to come back.

Towards the end of chemotherapy, I was able to attend a few Restorative Yoga classes. They were amazing. The stretch to various parts of my body and the improved lung capacity was exactly what I needed. I felt a bit woozy the day after, but am convinced that the Restorative Yoga was helping to detox my system.

The poses helped to rid my body of all the chemicals in such a gentle way. Jes was very supportive. She ensured there were alternative poses for me to do and also made sure there were enough props to support the operated on side. I felt welcomed and very supported to continue my Yoga and Pilates practice.

Thank you Jes.

– Susie

Just a very big thank you for conducting such an excellent class, my lungs feel so good, proper instruction of breathing, you are clear in your lessons, an absolute joy to be part of your classes.

 – Jill

My goal was to strengthen my back to rid myself of dreadful back pain I would experience daily. With a very cautious instructor, we embarked on improving my everyday life.  Each week I attend class. If I miss it, I regret it.

Since doing Pilates consistently, I can live a normal life, work is no longer a struggle, I can go for bush walks without being in pain.  I started to lose weight and tone up a little which wasn’t the goal but was a great benefit. I am a happier person and genuinely love this form of workout.

I could go on forever about the way I have benefitted from doing Pilates. All I can say is try it and find out for yourself, because without help of Jes from ‘Essence of my Heart’,my life wouldn’t be as good as it is. 

– Courtney

After doing yoga and Pilates classes with Jes for the past four years, I have noticed some marked improvements in my overall health.  When I first began doing yoga and Pilates with Jes it was more about just enjoying the classes but now I am realising that the cumulative effect of this kind of exercise and lifestyle has actually healed my body and improved my mind. 

I am a working mother of four and in my early forties was faced with the depressing feeling that I was aging before my time, with low energy, sore joints and failing strength.  Now, thanks to yoga and pilates with Jes, I have a whole new feeling of strength and wellness – mind and body.  There is always the immediate reward of feeling great after each class but the long term effects are what I am valuing the most.

– Sue, 47 years young!

Jes is one of the truly beautiful people, her classes are amazing.  She caters for all types, young, older, fit and not so fit, yet she makes us all feel comfortable with where we are at. Thank you Jess for giving us the opportunity to do these sorts of classes.

– Sally Lancaster

Jes’s yoga classes are truly amazing. From a person who participates in a high level of physical activity each week, nothing more has helped my body than Jes’s yoga classes. This practice has completely changed my body physically and mentally. Jes’s kind nature makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome in her classes and her special touches makes it quite a unique experience. Her classes are of a high standard and she takes a lot of pride in her career.

– Sandra

Jes is always prepared and adapts her planning to meet us clients where we’re at.  Jes is the best yoga, Pilates, health and fitness teacher ever.  Her knowledge and skill is incredible but even more than that, it is obvious that she passionately lives what she teaches. I love attending Jes’s classes. I always walk away feeling great.

– Jane

I took advantage of the mini massage special from Ed after my barre class. I was a little sore, so it was nice to have a massage, and I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ed was very friendly and professional. I would absolutely recommend him, and look forward to my next massage.

– Deb

Thanks  for Pilates classic & Props, I love it, even though I can barely move, I feel great!! We are so lucky to have you in Warwick!  

– D