Types Of Classes

All classes are about feeling secure, in a space non judgement to yourself and others, all bodies are different and at different stages in life, embrace where we are at now! New? please fill out our waiver form just bring when you’re in.

Flow Yoga (60-75mins) Calm inside out, ‘all level class’ breath, flow, heat & movement we improve our strength, balance & flexibility, we are not just here to touch our toes. We are hear to learn ways to get there! the class is incorporated with asana, pranayama, meditation, & relaxation. 

VinYin Yoga (60-75mins) The best of both worlds! You’ll get warm by flowing  then work deep into the joints improving flexibility, drawing into relaxation and meditation to leave you feeling energized & rested, this class is perfect for first time students! 

Restorative Yoga (60-75mins) Achieve physical, mental relaxation. Props are used for support, to stimulate, relax, heal, mind & body. Perfect for all bodies, anxiety, depression -sufferers, fertility, pregnancy, those that have body aches & pain. A great class for one who has never done yoga before.

Barre (50mins) Designed to lift the Heart Rate, Burn Calories, & to give your body Results! We Lift, Burn, Tone & Lean the muscles. Yoga, Ballet, Pilates this class is for all that want to work it!

Pilates Basics (55mins) Have weakness tightness aswell as stiffness? Want strength, some flexibilty? This Pilates class, develops tummy strength, as well as stability of the spine, hips, and legs, we increase awarness in our body and get a stronger posture to be able to function better daily.

Pilates (55mins) Strong Core + Posture = Confidence. Condition from the inside out (Pelvic floor, thighs, abdominals, buttocks), muscle control with breath, flexibility, & body awareness. Overall body leaning and toning. An all around all level class.