“A good teacher is one who will not give you an answer but allows you to find the answer in yourself.  A teacher is a guide; he/she will show you that the answer is inside you.” -Desikachar 

Jes Kerle; mum, wellness advocate, aromatherapist, student, owner and founder of Essence Of My Heart studio. Jes loves to share positivity, balance, health, and wellness through the love of movement & essential oils as it brings in calm.  She believes this will help you be the best version of yourself, shine from the inside out by practicing daily.  Certifications (Presently StudyingMaster Aromatherapist Diploma Specialising in Aromatherapy for Menopausal Women, Aromatherapy for Pre & Post Natal Care) Chakra Therapy, Yoga Teacher Training 750hrs+ (Yin, Yoga Therapy, Mum & Bub Yoga, Kids & Teens Yoga) Certificates III & IV in Fitness, Pilates Matwork – Pregnancy, Apparatus -Ball, Circle, Band, Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Barre. First Aid.  Registered Yoga Australia.

Edward Cole started practising Pilates and yoga in 2014 after suffering consistent body aches & pain, from tight & stiff muscles, he decided to take a step further gaining more knowledge and to share awareness with others on how important our bodies are. Ed’s passion has grown he is a Pilates Man, Yogi, massage therapist, a white ribbon advocate, you will find Ed teaching Yoga, & Pilates classes, you can book in for a private class or a massage. Certifications Yoga 200hrs, Pilates ball, circle, band. Anatomy, Level 1 & 2 Pilates mat work, Pilates for pregnancy, first aid.

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Charlotte Kerle teacher trainer in training, she has attended and participated in Pilates & Yoga teacher trainings by the side of her mum.  Charlotte is creative and inventive with Pilates, she fuses Pilates and yoga movements, she gives beautiful imaginative meditations during relaxations and loves to give a special touch through massage. Charlotte is to be certified in Pilates 2018 and will continue to Level 2 and Barre.

Mikeala Ainsworth started practising yoga in 2012 for exercise, since then she has grown to love yoga for so much more. ‘through yoga we can learn to emabreace the breath and movment connection while controlling the flatuations of the mind’. Cirtifications 200hour Yoga Teacher Training, 50 hour pre and post-natel, chrildren and teens yoga.

Renee has completed her Yoga Teacher Training and is excited to begin teaching at Essence Of My Heart Studio. She has practiced yoga through Jes and other wonderful teachers for the last five years and has found it has benefited her mind, body and soul. Renee is endeavouring to make Yoga an integral part of her life while living on a farm, raising a toddler and growing a baby whilst teaching part time at a local primary school. She wants to share with others how life isn’t always a picture of serenity but maintaining elements of Yoga help in this wonderful yet chaotic journey of life. You’ll find Renee teaching restorative, vinyin and flow yoga weekly.