See payment method.

New? If you plan to join us, please fill out our waiver form and bring it next time you’re in.

Casual Class
Casual/Student/Concession $20 Buy
Casual Pass
20 Pass – Valid 5 months $280 Buy
10 Pass – Valid 5 months $160 Buy
Unlimited Classes
7 Day Pass $45 Buy

The 7 day pass you can buy this pass every week love the flexibility as when you are unable to attend you aren't locked into anything

1 Month Pass $150 Buy
You can buy this pass every month and do as many classes as you like on our timetable
No Refunds – Extensions

Community Class Allora St Pats Fridays 9.15am. Term Fee or Casual
During School terms only, BYO Mat (Allora + term $10 room Fee).

Private Yoga - Pilates - Barre - Massage
10 mini sessions (30min/valid 12 Weeks) $450 Buy
10 sessions (60min/valid 12 Weeks) $650 Buy
X1 1 hour (valid 1 month) $70 Buy
Signiture Flow Massage 60min $60 Buy

Payment Method
Cash/bank transfers accepted.
Show receipt (screen shot) & collect card.
Payments made to “ KMSJCK ”
BSB: 084983 ACC: 227549743 Reference ‘full name’