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Yoga Classes

ESSENCE OF MY HEART studio offers both group and private Yoga classes in two locations, Warwick and Allora in Queensland.

Yoga Beginners

Yoga Beginners is the best type of yoga for beginners as it has a slower pace and is a gentler type of yoga.

This Yoga covers yoga’s basic postures and movements and focuses on balancing one’s body energy as well as strengthening the mind-body connection. The poses involve a lot of stretching of tight muscles, meditation and deep breathing.

Who is it perfect for?

It is perfect for students looking for an introductory yoga class or even advanced yogis that need a more relaxed form of yoga to compliment the more active classes they are taking.

Restorative/Yin Yoga

Restorative Yoga seeks to restore the body, mind and soul. Props (like blankets and blocks) are used to support the body so that students can hold poses for longer, and to open up their bodies using passive stretching.

Classes are usually very relaxing which makes it a good complimentary class to other active classes.

Who is it perfect for?

It is particularly great for students that are dealing with anxiety, depression, injury or illness. It is a great class for anyone who has never done yoga before.

Please Note: This is not a class for young children. It is a super quiet and relaxed class.

Flow Yoga

In Flow Yoga, we practise being calm from the inside out through the use of breath, flow, heat and movement.

We work on improving strength, balance and flexibility.  The class incorporates Asana (yoga postures), Pranayama (practice of controlling the breath), meditation and relaxation.

Although it is a derivative of Vinyin Yoga, Flow Yoga is more fast-paced and the asanas (yoga postures) are synchronized with the breathing. It is more like an energetic dance that is focused on the power of inhaling, exhaling and synchronized breathing. It is done in quick succession without breaks and the sequence changes from class to class. Typically we focus on working a specific part of the body or target a specific goal in each class.

Who is it perfect for?

It is perfect for students – both beginners and advanced.


What Is Yoga?

Yoga is a way to release tension in your body and calm your mind. Not only can it improve your flexibility and strength, it can boost your health and general wellbeing. It focuses on your breath and stretching of your muscles. It is a gentle form of exercise. Start with Yoga Beginner classes and try Flow Yoga classes which are more fast paced.

How Long Are Yoga Classes?

Yoga classes typically run for 1 hour.

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