Essential Oils

Roll out your mat at Essence Of My Heart and welcome Essential Oils into your practice at home or at work

I have used essential oils ever since I was a little girl with my candle lit oil burner in my room.  A few drops of oil into the top of it with water and it vaporised my space. Now that I am studying my Masters Diploma in Aromatherapy, I would love to share even more with you.

doTERRA is one of  the best ethical brands on earth. Every day in our classes we love to empower people with breath, movement and essential oils. Essential oils can help support your emotions, calm your body for better sleep and balance your immune system while leaving you smelling and glowing like the goddesses of Egypt.

It takes one drop to start a ripple – and I bet it was a drop of Frankincense because that oil is magic!

These oils will captivate you. In no time, essential oils will become a part of your daily life. You’ll see and feel results physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Every day you’re invited to tune in and experience nature’s essences.

If you are interested in doTERRA Essential Oils, you may purchase your oils as a wholesale customer, receiving wholesale pricing and the option to build a business in the future, if you wish. Follow the link below to set up  your own wholesale account. You will receive a welcome pack filled with goodies and a free aromatherapy consultation so that you can share and educate your loved ones to live the essential oil lifestyle.

Namaste Jes x

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