Passes and Pricing

Casual Student Pass - 1 class$20
1 Month Pass - Up to 5 classes a week$150
10 Class Pass - Valid for 5 months$160
20 Class Pass - Valid for 5 months$280
Private SessionsPrice
Initial Consultation - 45 min

We are all about designing classes that fit your needs and goals and like anything new, we as humans need to spend time learning how to perform exercises correctly. If we are never taught how to move correctly then we may not achieve results.

Your initial consultation is about you. As a teacher/instructor we want the opportunity to get to know you, learn about how you move, how you feel about movement and most importantly what you feel comfortable with. We also want to know what you would like to achieve from your classes – that way we have a better chance to create classes that meets these needs and to guide you into a class that will suit those needs. For example if you are coming to a group class that may not be appropriate and it would be irresponsible for us as professionals to advise you to join that particular class.

By spending this one on one time we are then able to choose classes/exercises within Pilates or yoga that are specific to your body and goals and suitable for your level of movement and fitness.
Private Session Pass
– Initial 30 min Private Session + 2 Follow Up 1 hour Sessions **
Private Group Class Pass
– up to 15 in a class for 1 hour
10 Private Session Pass
- Initial 30 min Private Session + 9 Follow Up 1 hour Sessions **

**Private sessions need 5 days notice for booking and must be paid for before booking into any private session classes.

Payment Methods

For Online Bookings, payment can be made by Bank Transfer using Direct Debit or Credit Card.

If you prefer to not use the online booking system, then please contact us via our contact form.

Days we are closed

  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Day
  • Australia Day
  • Easter Saturday, Sunday & Monday
  • Anzac Day Morning
  • Mother’s Day

No Refunds or Extensions are allowed

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